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A Multimedia Creation Tool

When it comes to nutrition analysis software, one size definitely does not fit all. The following are just a few factors to consider when choosing the best software for you. I never thought I would write the manufacturer of a product to say well done, but here it goes. It is the most sensibly organized, easy to navigate, well thought out, and covers everything imaginable. In addition to the 52 categories, with Tango the New Gold version you can now add as many categories as you want. From the admin side, this platform is extremely efficient and easy to customize. We use it to run a case competition across multiple schools and regions and it is very easy to organize and manage submissions through different rounds and groups of judging.

Easily grab just the recipe from any website or blog, and leave the rest behind. ChefTap’s recipe clipper works with any website in English, and many that aren’t in English. Certainly, sites like nutritiondata.com, sparkpeople.com, fitday.com, and calorieking.com are based on the USDA database and have incorporated some tracking functionality. They are great for quick nutrient lookups or to analyze a recipe or daily intake here and there.

The final result looks excellent and the user interface and experience for participants is fantastic. I can’t emphasize how much the customer service is the final selling point for this product. Having one overall hub to maintain and connect all applicants, reviewers, and judges is critical for a program of this length and size. What Reviewr accomplished took 3 different websites in previous years. Reviewr has saved my team several days of work throughout the awards nomination, evaluation, and selection process. The interface is easy for our members to use and reduced questions to our call center. Reviewr sped up the process of assigning nominations to evaluators by several days, if not a full week.

  • It is the author’s job to ensure that their extension have the right balance in efficiency in blocking ads while not slowing down the browser to a crawl.
  • If every adblock is tweaked with the same settings and configured to use the same filters, then we’re comparing the coding efficiency which isn’t the purpose of this test.
  • Use of mobile and desktop ad blocking software designed to remove traditional advertising grew by 41% worldwide and by 48% in the U.S. between Q and Q2 2015.
  • We’re more focused on testing the out of the box settings which is mostly used by normal users.

Collaboration Tools

We tried a few different platforms before Reviewr and this was by far the most flexible. We switched to Reviewr after years of using an online survey facilitator to help gather and review hundreds of submissions for an annual awards program. Not only is it a simple process for submittors but it is a simple process for my team on the backend to keep track of the number of submissions, organize by category and download. I run a grants program through reviewr and having all participants all log in through one central website is an amazing time saver for everything we do with it.

But for truly high-quality analyses, reports, tracking, functionality, and customer support, I recommend making an investment. RDs will generally need more features than nonnutrition professionals; the specific tools, such as nutrition assessment calculations and allergen labeling, are designed for dietitians trained in how to use those tools. Most software packages are for the Windows PC; there are not many for the Mac.

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