CARE FOR ALL employs a patient-centered approach to health care provision while ensuring patients of all ages are safe and sound at home while under our care.

We help our clients do the extraordinary every day!

Our home care services include a wide range of resources aimed at providing support and home care to people. We help our clients live happier and healthier lives even in the toughest seasons of their lives. Our tools and resources help you carry out the necessary activities of daily life and we are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and tools to provide you with more support.

Our History

Our desire to provide help to those who need daily support was birthed after witnessing thousands of aging and disabled people suffer because they had little or no support. Plagued with discrimination, depression and the loss of the will to live, most of these people’s tales have been long forgotten.

Being disabled and dependent on others can sometimes take a negative toll on people’s lives and their way of thinking. At Care For All, we understand the urgency and need to support, encourage and care for those who can no longer care for themselves…. To this call we will continually respond ever so swiftly.

We do not only encourage activity in our clients but also support their emotional and mental health, ensuring that they foster relationships with friends and loved ones, stay enlightened, informed and educated and set realistic and achievable goals for themselves. Our patient-centered approach to care also guides us in cases where patients have a routine and would prefer care without disruption of their usual routine and environment.
CARE FOR ALL is here for you and will be with you every step of the way.

Whether it be choosing a suitable care package or selecting a carer for your loved one or regularly reviewing your care plan, you can count on us to provide the best quality of service to clients and their families.

Tailored Services
We offer a personalized service to each of our clients and users from a socio-sanitary point of view. We are in constant contact with Social Workers and each patient’s personal and financial circumstances are taken into consideration during care assessments.

We carry out an assessment and provide budgetary advice to the family with transparency. During the initial assessment, all costs to be incurred by the family or client are discussed.

We subsequently sign a cost and service guarantee contract.

Selecting professionals to care for each client involves an exhaustive selection process hinged on both personal and professional prerequisites.

We carry out hiring at no extra cost, offering you, from the outset, detailed information on the employment situation of your employees.

We have civil liability insurance for personnel hired directly by CARE FOR ALL.

As we have a home healthcare service authorized by the autonomous communities, those clients who directly want employees for CARE FOR ALL, these would be at their service, with the same selection process previously described.

Our mission and vision

At CARE FOR ALL, we are on a mission to provide the best quality of home care to patients from all walks of life within the comfort of patients’ homes. We take care of each of our clients as if they were part of our own family, paying great attention to delivering quality services and this is reflected in the way we hire our employees and the way we care for patients. Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient and their families.
The first step we take is to make a free evaluation, this will be followed by a discussion of the care plan with the patient and family.

Our Key Features

At CARE FOR ALL, quality is at the heart of all we do.
Whether caring for patients at home or providing staff to care for those in a center, CARE FOR ALL is committed to recruiting, hiring, and training experienced healthcare professionals.
• We are highly motivated and take great care of our patients.
• We adapt healthcare to the special needs of each patient.
• Our healthcare providers are highly qualified, trained, and carefully selected.
• We are ready to serve you 24/7 hours, seven days a week.
• We offer the guarantee of a team of collaborators with proven experience and vocation.



When your loved one requires assistance with bathing and dressing, our personal care services are designed just for their needs

Our caregivers are ready to provide quality services to everyone in need of assistance, including elders, those who are living with a disability, and those who are in recovery from an injury or living with a chronic condition.



Many seniors prefer to age in their own home, but this can grow more and more difficult as the years pass. Let our experienced caregivers help your family today

With our experienced and caring staff, your loved one can remain in their home and continue living independently for longer. Our customized care plans will match your loved one’s needs exactly, so they can enjoy care services that are uniquely tailored to them.


The CARE FOR ALL team is comprised of healthcare professionals who (are)
– Caring, friendly, empathetic and optimistic.
– Certified and trained professionals who work with renowned local and national organizations.
– Reliable Caregivers
– Carry out, control and reliable service by our multidisciplinary team to ensure correct user care and continuous support for the family.
– Provide patient-centered care
– Offer accompaniment to clients
– Highly qualified with references to verify their competencies
– Trained as a nursing assistant, geriatric assistant, or socio-sanitary technician, with a minimum of 7 years of experience.
– Receive free ongoing training

At CARE FOR ALL Services, we do not rest 24/7 a week until our clients are satisfied.
Overview of Our Services
• The selection of professionals is personalized and carried out by Human resource professionals.
• Qualified and experienced staff.
• Continuous monitoring and advisory service.
• A personalized and closed budget that includes all costs without surprises or hidden fees and charges

Health Care Aides

Person-Centered Care

Each member of our care-giving team is committed to providing gentle, compassionate, client-centered care to persons in need of care.

Registered Nurses

Highly qualified

All our nurses have successfully completed the educational and licensing requirements as stipulated by the provincial professional regulatory bodies.


Reliable Caregivers

Our caregivers are reliable and dependable. You can definitely count on us to be there for you whenever you need care.

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